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Fantabulous Resplendence X

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Three Floyds Brewing Co.
Munster, IN

Style: American Strong Ale

Nigel’s Rating:
one beerone beerone beerone beerone beer   (Outstanding within its style.)

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Sigh …

I write this to you in mourning. It’s once again time for a Nigel birthday, and this one comes with a great amount of anguish, depression, and outright denial. For the first time in my life, I will no longer be in my twenties. That’s right, I was born as a 21-year old (much to the painful chagrin of my Mum, who spent just over a fortnight in labor) 30 years ago, and was able to maintain that for three decades. No longer, friends, and I can’t say I’m terribly excited about it.

Some brief highlights from 1977, the glorious year of Nigel’s birth:

-January: Jimmy Carter begins his painfully boring run as the 39th President of the United States. Who would have thought that 30 years later we’d be begging for him to return to that role …

-February: Fleetwood Mac releases the critically-acclaimed album “Rumours.” Aging hipsters everywhere somehow still think this is cool.

-March: KLM and Pan Am 747s collide at Tenerife, Canary Islands, killing all 583 people aboard both jets. To this day, Nigel is afraid to fly, though it may also be due to that nasty trail mix bar the stewardess always tries to force feed me.

-April: The Clash releases their debut album, roughly five years before they infamously “Rock the Casbah.”

-May: The first “Star Wars” movie is released, creating a whole new sub-species of nerds, dweebs, and freaks that weren’t satisfied with the pointless nonsense of the “Star Trek” series.

-June: The Apple II computer is introduced. Little did we know that 30 years later, Steve Jobs and his iGeneration would take over the world (Nigel was weaned on the Apple IIE).

-July: Massive blackouts hit New York City during the infamous “Summer of Sam,” named after “Son of Sam” serial killer David Berkowitz, who terrorized the city until his August capture. Unfortunately, ESPN made a miniseries about this recently, although they claimed it was about the New York Yankees, whose manager was apparently a Vulcan and were owned by Oliver Platt rather than George Steinbrenner.

-August: Elvis Presley dies of a heart attack caused by years of drug abuse while taking a massive dump in his bathroom in Memphis, Tennessee. Years of peanut butter and banana sandwiches probably didn’t help.

-September: Courageous, a yacht skippered by Ted Turner, wins the America’s Cup. 30 years of lavish, pointless, whiskey-driven spending ensues.

-October: Pele plays his final soccer game in America as a member of the New York Cosmos. Nobody cared then, and nobody cares now.

-November: Sir Nigel the Brave, a.k.a. Nigel Aloysious Tanner, is born in Nottinghamshire, England. The United Nations raises a pint in celebration.

-December: The fledgling American craft brewing industry sees a dramatic spike in sales as the tooth fairy pays Nigel a pre-emptive visit, despite his complete lack of teeth. Nigel uses the quarter to buy his first bottle of IPA.

Since this is my—GULP!—30th birthday, I thought I should celebrate it with a fine beer, though narrowing that down proved to be a difficult task (this perhaps aided by the advancing senility of my senior years). Suddenly, it hit me: I’ve had this bottle of Three Floyds Fantabulous Resplendence X sitting in my beer fridge for a couple of months. What better way to celebrate my 30th than with Three Floyds special release ale, celebrating their 10th. After all, Three Floyds is as crazy as Nigel and loves hops as much as Nigel. To Hell with the fact that Eddie Glick already reviewed it, its Nigel’s turn, baby!

Fantabulous Resplendence X pours enthusiastically, with a feathery head that evaporates precipitously, leaving a tantalizing lace. A splendid coppery kaleidoscope with a smidgen of chunkage, Fantabulous Resplendence X is a marvelous looking brew. A wonderful waft of delectable aromas thumps the nostrils: both maltirific and hopirific, with copious quantities of sweetness and delectable bitterness. Lovable fruitiness (what?), as well as charmingly wicked alcohol also singes the muzzle.

The taste? Impressive! Scrumptious! Delightful! Umm … fantabulously resplendent? It’s a superior brew for sure, one that will titillate the taste buds and invigorate the senses. Hearts, moooons, CLOVERS! … wait, that’s the wrong review. Deliciously sweet caramel malt is in remarkable synchronization with a zippy, hoppy bite. Citrusy sweetness also nibbles the tongue, making this a tasty treat for young and old alike (yes, I work for the circus). Savory for sure, this is a fantastic brew to rejoice with, though it’s not the finest offering to come from this brewery.

Ugh … no more adjectives! If you want a more coherent review of Fantabulous Resplendence X, Eddie did a magnificent job of reviewing it. While I have a more favorable overall opinion of it (hence the four mug rating), I have to say I was hoping for slightly better from this Indiana brewer for their much-celebrated 10th anniversary. A great beer for sure, but not up to the standards of Dreadnaught, Alpha King, Gumballhead, et al. Should you still see this on store shelves (it’s a one-time release), give it a try—if you’re willing to spend $12-17 on it (yes, it’s a bit pricey). Otherwise, stick with Three Floyds main offerings and try the next limited release that’s sure to come from this great brewery.


Reviewed by Nigel Tanner on November 11, 2007.
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