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Greenbush Brewing
Sawyer, MI

Style: German Hefeweizen
ABV: 6.0%

Eddie’s Rating:
one beerone beerone beerone beerone beer   (Outstanding within its style.)

Well, I'm a bum in the sun and I'm havin' fun, and I know you know I got no special plans.

[falsetto] Special plans!

All the bills are paid, I got it made in the shade, and all I nee-eed is the …

Oh, hey, everyone, I didn't see you there. Just hanging out, enjoying the beautiful weather here in the Midwest. You've got to love winter weather if you live here. Otherwise, why would you live here, am I right? So get a drink in your hand, put your toes in the, uh, snow, and accompany me on tonight's decidedly wintry brew, Greenbush Sunspot.

"Hold it!" you scream. "That's a hefeweizen!" you protest. "A motherfucking wheat beer!" you wail, tears pouring from your eys to freeze against frostbitten cheeks. But who says you can only drink a wheat beer in the summer? I, for one, love Bavarian-style wheat beers, and I simply can't get enough of their enticing bananas and cloves, snappy tartness, and effervescent bubbliness. The world needs more well made wheat beers. Let's see if Greenbush's entry falls into that category.

Sunspot is a massive wall of ivory-colored foam on top of a cloudy, glowing golden body. Loads of banana aromas waft off the beer. I sneak in for a more intimate sniff, and get a dollop of foam on my nose, but not before I detect a welcome undertone of cloves beneath all that ’nana and a light touch of cocoa-like malt.

As wheat brews go, this one has a softer mouthfeel, but falls squarely into hefeweizen territory with a light-to-medium body. And what a body: a wonderful mix of yeasty phenols and some low-key maltiness that hints—just barely—at chocolate. Restrained carbonation—for a wheat beer—lets the interaction between the fruitiness and maltiness stand out, although that leads to a slightly overlong finish.

Yes, I'm biased toward hefes, but this one has all the credentials: wonderfully balanced with some intriguing twists, bottle conditioned, and just plain delicious. No need to fret about the weather. All you need is a beautiful (wheat) beer.


Reviewed by Eddie Glick on January 7, 2014.
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Today in 1933, Prohibition was repealed. Have a beer.

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